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  WINLEADS™ AutoDialer Software


(WINEADS™ AUTODIALER will also answer phone lines and record messages to secure voicemail.)

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE can make thousands of calls every day and prescreen potential clients for you automatically. It will immediately alert you about anyone it finds who meets all your qualifications for future contact. Imagine how your business could benefit if you had a virtually unlimited number of leads, already Fully Qualified, according to your own qualification criteria. These are potential clients who already want to know more about your product or serviced and all the work has been done for you ahead of schedule. 

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE can generate 5, 10, 100, or several hundred leads every day - that's hundreds, even thousands, of qualified leads every month! The actual numbers depend on the particular set up of your promotion; this means that the WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE is fully scaleable and limited only the tasks you assign it!

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALER can generate a few highly qualified leads, many loosely qualified leads, or both. It is completely up to you! The system is available in configurations of 1 to 24 telephone lines and can easily make 800 calls per day on each line.






The system can also be programmed so that each prospect can be asked any number of qualifying questions, with their responses recorded and reported for your follow up.

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE can also have the prospective client transferred to you IMMEDIATELY via telephone just like a predictive dialer. "Qualified" responses can be identified and reported at any time, for immediate follow-up, even while lead generating promotions are still in progress. Multiple promotions can be run simultaneously on different lines, or at different times of day. Each promotion can have its own product or service, its own target market, or just a different qualification process. 

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE is a complete software solution for auto dialer, lead generation, voice mail, bulk email & fax broadcasting. With the WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE,
you can run inbound and outbound applications simultaneously.



The Winleads™ Autod ialer Program harnesses up to 24 phone lines simultaneously to deliver upwards of 24,000 calls a day! It may be used in standard un-attended mode or transferred to an operator or live sales agent.



Really user friendly.... don't be fooled by some programs. This system is the easiest PC-based system to install and operate on the market today, bar none! With its Windows-based program, "point-and-click" operation is the easy and fast! Afraid of making a mistake? Don't worry - your Winlead Dialer has all kinds of easy-to-use pop-up menus that continually monitor and warn you of things that you may have forgotten to do.

So simple you'll be up and running in minutes. When you're performing "task-intensive" commands, a "PROGRESS SCREEN" shows you how the system is working. Many systems on the market do NOT have this feature, so you just have to guess whether your work is proceeding correctly. With those poorly designed systems, you never know what (or "if") the system is doing anything at all. This can lead to frustration and wasted hours when you have to run programs again and again until you get them right.



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