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WINLEADS™ Auto Dialer Software


The Winleads™ software allows you to run multiple simultaneous calling campaigns.

Winleads Instance 1 is the main control screen used to operate your auto dialer and deliver your message and collect responses.

Simply select the campaign you create using the automatic script wizard, select your telephone list to call, press the Dial button and all responses will be logged on the Winleads Instance 1 Screen

While Dialing, click the Play Button to hear messages left for you by interested leads.

After Dialing, click the Results menu to see the detailed listing of all of the outgoing calls, what each result was along with an easy to read summary totalling each type of response received.

Winleads Main Screen



In most cases the Winleads™ primary confuration screen can be fully accomplished in seconds almost everyone's needs simply by changing the second line, Local Area Code(s) 10, to have your local area code. That's all the auto dialer need in order to dial using lists covering any range of area codes.

Numerous options can be set to control special needs depending on the types of telephone listings you wish to use or for other special settings to accomodate PBX systems, additional country prefixes, and to limit certain kinds of calls to a specific area.

Setup Options

winlead opt

List Manager Main Screen


List Manager - Edit Single Entries


List Manager- Filter, Search & Create Sub-Lists


Easy to use menu driven Call & Answering Campaign visual Editor



Installation kits are available for as low as $340.00 on a 4-line dialer.


Click here for details.



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