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  WINLEADS™ AutoDials Software

(WINEADS™ AUTODIALS will also answer phone lines and record messages to secure voicemail.)

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE can make thousands of calls every day and prescreen potential clients for you automatically. It will immediately alert you about anyone it finds who meets all your qualifications for future contact. Imagine how your business could benefit if you had a virtually unlimited number of leads, already Fully Qualified, according to your own qualification criteria. These are potential clients who already want to know more about your product or serviced and all the work has been done for you ahead of schedule. 

WinleadThe WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE can generate 5, 10, 100, or several hundred leads every day - that's hundreds, even thousands, of qualified leads every month! The actual numbers depend on the particular set up of your promotion; this means that the WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE is fully scaleable and limited only the tasks you assign it!

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS can generate a few highly qualified leads, many loosely qualified leads, or both. It’s completely up to you! The system is available in configurations of 1 to 24 telephone lines and can typically make 1,000 calls per day on each line.



The system can also be programmed so that each prospect can be asked any number of qualifying questions, with their responses recorded and reported for your follow up. The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE can also have the prospective client transferred to you IMMEDIATELY via telephone just like a predictive dialer. "Qualified" responses can be identified and reported at any time, for immediate follow-up, even while lead generating promotions are still in progress. Multiple promotions can be run simultaneously on different lines, or at different times of day. Each promotion can have its own product or service, its own target market, or just a different qualification process

The WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE is a complete software solution for auto dialer, lead generation, voice mail, bulk email & fax broadcasting. With the WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE you can run inbound and outbound applications simultaneously.


The Winleads™ Autodials Program harnesses up to 24 phone lines simultaneously to deliver upwards of 24,000 calls a day! It may be used in standard un-attended mode or transferred to an operator or live sales agent.


SmileJanetReally user friendly.... don't be fooled by some programs. This system is the easiest PC-based system to install and operate on the market today, bar none! With its Windows-based program, "point-and-click" operation is the easy and fast! Afraid of making a mistake? Don't worry - your Winlead Dialer has all kinds of easy-to-use pop-up menus that continually monitor and warn you of things that you may have forgotten to do.

So simple you'll be up and running in minutes. When you're performing "task-intensive" commands, a "PROGRESS SCREEN" shows you how the system is working. Many systems on the market do NOT have this feature, so you just have to guess whether your work is proceeding correctly. With those poorly designed systems, you never know what (or "if") the system is doing anything at all. This can lead to frustration and wasted hours when you have to run programs again and again until you get them right.

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Here are some of the ways you can get started making money with a WinLeads™ AutoDialing right away:


The WinLeads™ Autodials Software can call listed or unlisted numbers, deliver a message, and record the answers to any questions that you wish to ask. Advertising is usually the Number 1 expense for most businesses. The WinLeads™ AutoDials Software will reduce and often eliminate most ongoing advertising expenses.

Just imagine - once your WinLeads™ Autodials System or Software is paid-for, telephone lines are your only expense. That is a mere fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. Not to mention that a 24 Line WinLeads™ Autodials Software will deliver around 380,000+ monthly contacts! Our research has shown that lead response with this device can be as high as 3-6%. What would you do with around 22,800 new leads each month?


WinLeads™ AutoDials Software lets you notify clients of their upcoming appointments, too! This feature is popular with doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals. This type of device is also currently used by major retailers such as Sears, J. C. Penney, and others to let their customers know that their orders are ready for pickup. How many other uses for this feature can YOU think of?


Are you having a SALE ? Let everybody in the neighborhood know about it - WITHOUT spending a fortune on newspaper advertising or direct mail! And since you don't have to record answers to questions with this feature, WinLeads™ AutoDials Software could easily contact over 24,000 potential customers in a single day! Sending that same message via First Class mail would cost you typically between $35,000 and $50,000 a month. That's a savings that cuts right to your bottom line.


Your customers and clients will feel great when you remember their birthdays - or wish them a timely "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanukkah" or "Happy Holidays" to get them in a cheerful mood! And how many of your competitors are doing this? Chances are NONE. This is one case where it PAYS to be thoughtful!


Want to find out what is happening in the REAL world? Take your own survey or poll!

Who is moving? Who owns their own home? What issues are of the most concern to the most people? And how do they feel about those issues? There's BIG MONEY in the public opinion game. Every year major corporations spend millions on finding out what their customers think. Now you can do this same crucial work almost for free with Winleads™ AutoDials Software! Whether you use the information yourself or market it to others, it's worth collecting.


Do you have any idea how many billions of dollars are spent by political campaigns each year in this country through conventional advertising methods? Now you can sell the services of Winleads Dialing Software to local candidates who want to know what their constituents are thinking. Just imagine the possibilities for income here.

The information on this page is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The WinLeads Dialing System will deliver more features at a better price than any other system on the market. No other system delivers this level of technological advancement combined with ease of operation. 

Software kits are available now as low as $360.00 on a 4-line kit.


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Use WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE to perform your outbound work.

Just follow these simple steps:

Create Your List (randomly from a prefix or CD). Numbers can be imported from virtually any source (Word, Excel, DBase III & IV, Goldmine, CD Databases, DeLorme) Select Your Script from your selection of prerecorded applications.    

Record Your Message in your own voice without costly studio time. Schedule times and days of week for your calls. Start Dialing!

View your Results! ( Live )

Winleads™  Autodials Uses  Outbound telemarketing and notification can be used for lead generation, notification for government agencies, schools, churches and group hotlines, collection systems, membership systems, surveys, polling - any application that quickly needs to contact large numbers of people. Easily create your own automated call center.

    GENERATE LEADS for Businesses (water treatment, cell phones, insurance, mortgage brokers, home improvement & repair, painting, plumbing, electrical, home loans - to name a few we've sold to) Telemarketers (inbound & outbound) Schools (absentee notification, schedule changes, parent groups, homework hotlines) Clubs, Scouts & Athletic Groups Automated Phone Tree Dialing Churches & Synagogues Emergency Notification & Response Political Campaigns Neighborhood Crime Watch Notifications Alumni Associations Grand Openings Debt Collection Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors (patient reminders) Government Agencies Membership Notification Jury Notification & Confirmation Systems Entrepreneurs

Important Dialer Features

    Hours of Operation: Courteously set your days and hours for dialing. Do-Not-Call List: Automatically allow callers to place themselves on the Do-Not-Call list. Quick Disconnect: Free up the called party's line as soon as they hang-up. True Answer(tm): Accurately recognize answering machines and (if you want) play your message immediately when their message ends. If you want, you can use one message for answering machines, and another for live answers. Also, accurately recognize fax machines, intercept tones, and modems. Multiple Response Types: It is your choice to get responses via either recorded messages or digits pressed by called parties. Database Dialer: WINLEAD™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE automatically places calls from your company's database of telephone numbers. It can also easily import numbers from an outside source or your favorite CD (Phone Search USA , X-Map, etc.). Prefix Dialing: Just insert one of your local prefixes or an area code and the prefix in that area code you want to dial, and WINLEAD DIALER SOFTWARE will randomly dial all 10,000 numbers of your desired prefix. Call Logging: WINLEAD™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE logs completed calls, and retries busy and non-answered numbers. Increase Productivity: Run multiple applications simultaneously on different lines.

    Direct Transfer: Route connected calls to a live operator. (Requires Centrex, 3-WAY calling, PBX or Hybrid-Key system)

                                Inbound Auto Attendant  & Outbound Telemarketing

Voice Mail & Call Processing  


WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE includes a full-featured voice mail system that allows as many as 9,999 users. The WINLEADS AUTODIALS SOFTWARE package includes powerful features such as:

  • Message Forwarding
    Call Screening
    ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
    Message Notification (Voice and Pager)
    Message Time and Date Stamp
    Group Message Distribution
    Call Transfer (Smart and Tone)
    Remote Access & Remote Customization
    Pager Support (Voice/Tone and Display) 
  • WINLEADS™ AUTODIALS SOFTWARE features at a glance:

    Supports 1 to 24 Phone Lines (larger systems are available)
    Run One or Multiple Promotions at Any Time
    Advanced Scheduling of Promotions for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Individual Days, Weekdays and/or Weekends
    Scheduling by Full Day or Multiple Intervals Each Day
    Multiple Question (programmable) Qualification Processes,
    with Successive questions to be determined by earlier responses
    Transfer Qualified Prospects to Any Remote Phone for Closing
    Both Dialed-Digit and Recorded Voice Responses
    Recognition of Fax, Modem, Answering-machine, Hang-up, Operator Intercept, Pager, and Live Voice Answering
    All Responses Recorded for Analysis and Follow-up.
    Definable Local and Metropolitan Calling Area(s)
    Automatic Toll-Call blocking
    Recognition of Answering Machine, with Ability to Leave an Alternate Message 
    Calling Lists of Over 1,000,000 Numbers, Names, and Addresses can be loaded at once.

    Minimum System Requirements:
    350 MHz PC Compatible Computer with at least 1 PCI slot 
    MS Windows 95/98/NT or 2000
    Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
    128 MB Ram
    1 Gigabyte of free Hard Disk space

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