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Winleads Multi-Line Kit with Dialogic PCI Cards $440.00 w/$20.00 UPS Shipping
Total Price: $460.00

Dialogic D/41PCI-UF Cards 4 Lines per Card

Optional Additional Products:

Winleads Auto Dialer Kit includes 4 - 16 Line Winleads Software, PCI Dialogic Card(s),

CD_Rom PDF Manual and Comprehensive Setup Training

(Optional Bound Paper User Manual add $30.00)

Minimum System Requirements:
500 MHz or faster PC Compatible Computer with 1 or more regular PCI slot(s)
Micfrosoft Windows XP
Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
128 MB or more of Ram Memory
4 Gigabyte of Free Hard Disk space



Important Dialer Features

Hours of Operation: Courteously set your days and hours for dialing.

Do-Not-Call List: Automatically allow callers to place themselves on a Do-Not-Call list. Quick Disconnect: Free up the called party's line as soon as they hang-up.

True Answer(tm): Accurately recognize answering machines and (if you want) play your message immediately when their message ends. If you want, you can use one message for answering machines, and another for live answers. Also, accurately recognize fax machines, intercept tones, and modems.  Multiple Response Types: It is your choice to get responses via either recorded messages or digits pressed by called parties. Database Dialer:

WINLEAD™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE automatically places calls from your company's database of telephone numbers. It can also easily import numbers from an outside source or your favorite CD (Phone Search USA , X-Map, etc.). Call Logging: WINLEAD™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE logs completed calls, and retries busy and non-answered numbers.

Run multiple applications simultaneously on different lines.Direct Transfer: Route connected calls to a live operator. (Requires Centrex, 3-WAY calling, PBX or Hybrid-Key system) Inbound Auto Attendant & Outbound Telemarketing Voice Mail & Call Processing 

WINLEADS™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE includes a full-featured voice mail system that allows as many as 9,999 users.

WINLEADS™ AUTODIALER SOFTWARE package includes powerful features such as: Message Forwarding Call Screening ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Message Notification (Voice and Pager) Message Time and Date Stamps Group Message Distribution Call Transfer (Smart and Tone) Remote Access & Remote Customization

Winleads Supports 1 to 24 Phone Lines
Run One or Multiple Promotions at Any Time 

Advanced Scheduling of Promotions for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Individual Days, Weekdays and/or Weekends
Scheduling by Full Day or Multiple Intervals Each Day

Multiple Question (programmable) Qualification
Processes,  with Successive questions to be determined by earlier responses

Transfer Qualified Prospects to Any Remote Phone for Closing

Both Dialed-Digit and Recorded Voice Responses 

Recognition of Fax, Modem, Answering-machine, Hang-up, Operator Intercept, Pager, and Live Voice Answering 

All Responses Recorded for Analysis and Follow-up. 
Definable Local and Metropolitan Calling Area(s) 

Automatic Toll-Call blocking 
Recognition of Answering Machine, with Ability to Leave an
Alternate Message 

Calling Lists of Over 1,000,000 Numbers, Names, and Addresses can be loaded at once. 






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