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DNC Scrubber Professional Grade Scrubbing Software


We provide Do-Not-Call Scrubbing Software that makes it easy to comply with Do-Not-Call Rules.

This program is capable of removing the Do-Not-Call list phone numbers from your call lists.

DNC Scrubber will remove the phone numbers contained in a do not call list from any desired list of phone numbers.

Remove the numbers on "do not call" lists from any State, Federal or In-House list of phone numbers. No knowledge of list formatting, database software, or programming is necessary. Simple to use just browse to your database and click and your list is Scrubbed! Save time your lists will be scrubbed in minutes..

Do Not Call Registration, Compliance, and List Scrubbing: The United States Government's "National Do Not Call Registry" web site is:

Each state may have its own laws as well. For assistance with Do Not Call legal compliance and list "scrubbing", call Contact Center Compliance at 866-362-5478 or visit their web site at:

"Do Not Call" management tools and other functions are provided with our products to assist users in their operation; however, the we cannot accept any responsibility or liability if the system does not operate correctly 100% of the time. We make every effort to provide high quality software and hardware; however, there are a number of factors that can cause system malfunctions, including but not limited to operator error, software corruption, software bugs, telephone line problems, voice board defects, and computer failures.

Some state laws may prohibit the use of auto dialing for specific reasons. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the consumer to abide by their particular state's regulations concerning the use of automated dialers and telemarketing programs.

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